Meeting Rumi and Shams

Rumi said meet me where the ideas of right and wrong end,
that may seem like he was talking about a morally ambiguous place,
but the more I see today, the more I know today, 
I think he meant – a place where only right resides, where all is right.
I see that unfolding all across my country now, 
The place Rumi talked of, is Shaheen Bagh, 
It is JMI, AMU, JNU, 
It is cities, it is our lanes, 
it is the spirit of the people reclaiming space.
It is their united existence
a community based on mutual trust
than just by ties of blood.
The world is singed in blood and fire,
each day there is more to fear
more to fight
More identity to claim,
but then I think of Rumi and Shams
I think of these places
Where you and I meet as people,
as comrades, as protestors
as friends.
I believe this is the land where Rumi asked me to seek him,
where the fight for what is right is endless,
where our existence intertwines, no matter who we are.
where my privilege is your shield,
and your love is mine.
Come meet me in these fields of right. 

Inquilaab Zindabaad!
Long live the revolution.
Swaatantrya Swaatantrya.

Penned on 05.01.2020