Cafe Felix


This name is synonymous to good food, but above it all stands the –cookie dough skillet. As I write and rave through time, you will come to the realization that I am someone who will always prefer savoury to sweet. But this cookie skillet is the only thing that has the power to make me travel for it. Whether from one end of Bangalore to another, or all the way from Mumbai.

An ideal meal at this restaurant, for me, would consist of these three delicacies –
Red wine sangria
Tenderloin medallions, mashed potato and pepper sauce
Cookie dough skillet

 A long drink of one of the best sangria’s in Bangalore, overlooking the city and part of Ulsoor lake sounds like an ideal good day to me. The bird’s view is a selling point but even without it, the restaurant has an ambience that I can only term as cozy yet rich. If the price tag makes all the difference in the choice, as it some days rightly does, I want to reassure you that it’ll do justice to the money spent. You won’t walk out feeling robbed (I am well versed with the feeling and would not wish that on anyone).

 The sangria is tart and strong, leaves you amply joyful, while the tenderloin medallions in that rich pepper sauce topped off with crispy garlic are not only a wonder to look at on the plate, but it melts in your mouth without making you feel disgustingly full. My obsession, otherwise known as the cookie skillet is not sickly sweet, but balanced beautifully with salt, marshmallows and cold ice cream. Salt and chocolate in the right balance are a treat to the palate.

 I’ve been to this restaurant multiple times, with varied people and the fact that all these people – ranging from friends to my dad (not one for change with food), have all equally enjoyed it shows me that it’s a perfect spot to go on any occasion. Shout out to the lovely team that keep this place running, every one you interact with is pleasant and helpful.

 I feel the need to point out, that all this gushing might make it seem like this review might be sponsored, but it really isn’t. I’m just an enthusiast of this place, and good places deserve the love and spotlight. So, please go, eat, enjoy!

Cookie skillet image credits: Rozann Peter