Child of the Skies

 Image Credits: Kinnari
Image Credits: Kinnari

I know you know me
when you
talk of 
Only someone who notices
will see the excitement
on my face to watch the sky.
I am but a speck
against the vast blue.
I’ve grown up with
the moon and stars,
the sun has been my alarm
infinite times.
What business do we
have to not be in awe of the sky?
it’s blue, pink, purple, grey, yellow
and orange, all at the same time.
Humans barely hold on
as the world goes on
when I sit awaiting,
and the sky embraces 
its beginning, its end,
I am humbled, I learn
I fall in love
with the way it defies structure
embeds itself in our souls
and gives rise to stories,
that we have the might to continue. 

 Image Credits: Kinnari
Image Credits: Kinnari